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Connect the HDD to the build system using either an USB adaptor or a SATA interface, in this tutorial we will refer to it as sdb.

If you intend to run a Ceph OSD or Gluster Brick on the Cy node it's recommended to have a system partition and a data partition on the disk. Data partition according to Ceph documentation should be formatted either with BTRFS or XFS. For Gluster only XFS is recommended.

The example of partitioning that follows will create a 2GB partition for the system, and a second partition for data storage with the rest of the space left on device.

fdisk /dev/sdb

n [enter]
p [enter]
1 [enter]
n [enter]
p [enter]
2 [enter]
w [enter]

check the newly created partition

cat /proc/partitions

8 16 250059096 sdb 8 17 2097152 sdb1 8 18 247960920 sdb2

Format the partitions

Cyone kernel supports either ext4, btrfs and xfs filesystems. In this example we will be using a partitioning schema that's both compatible with Ceph and Gluster.

Format the first (system) partition with ext4

mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1

and the second (data) with xfs

mkfs.xfs -i size=512 /dev/sdb2

mount the system partition

mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt

Transfering the base system to to the HDD

System image can now be transferred to the disk

cp -a /armdebian7/* /mnt/. -R

unmount the HDD

umount /mnt

and disconnect it.

The HDD can now be connected to the CYOne, that will boot it.

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