Mars 200 Server: 1U 8-Node ARM-Based Micro Server

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Mars 200 Server Introduction

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1U 8-Node ARM-Based Micro Server

Mars 200 is an 8-node ARM based server cluster in a chassis. Its distributed scale out architecture is the best hardware platform form software defined storage such as Ceph and Gluster File system. It aggregate computing node, network bandwidth and storage without the limitation of its hyper scale. The advantages of Low Power Consumption and no single point of failure enable you to make a big advantage to compete with others who use traditional x86 server.
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Here are the brief features of Mars 200.
Microserver - ARM v7 dual core 1.6GHz
- 8GB flash storage
- Dual 2.5Gbps Ethernet ports
- 6Gbps SATA port
- Maximum power consumption: 6 Watts per node

System - 8 x fast swap microservers
- 8 x hot swappable HDD bay
- 8 x PCIe 5Gbps SSD slot
- Dual hot swappable layer 2 in chassis switch with 4 x 10G uplink
- 80 plus silver redundant power supply
- Form factor: 1U, 730mm depth
-Micro server remote management: Console over Ethernet, remote reset, power on control, watchdog timer

Technical Specification

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Please click here to download the datasheet

User's Manual

Mars 200 user manual V0.3A (for old BMC firmware)
Mars 200 user manual V0.4A (for BMC firmware with ROOTFS Version: 2.0.0)

Mars 200 Development Board

Mars 200 development kit enables you to experience and learn how to develop your application on the ARM based micro server in a simple way before you purchase a complete Mars 200 ARM server cluster unit.
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Software and Packages

Mars200 Microserver is fully Linux compatible, Kernel 3.10.70 and later. Using the supplied kernel with Buildroot root file system, Debian or Ubuntu Server installation, or building your own customized software kit, the choice is up to you.

Linux Operation System

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