Installing GlusterFS

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Download and install the GlusterFS packages

apt-get install glusterfs-server

server daemon will be started automatically

Mount the data partition (sda2) as Gluster "brick"

mkdir -p /export/sda2 && mount /dev/sda2 /export/sda2 && mkdir -p /export/sda2/brick

add an entry to /etc/fstab

echo "/dev/sda2 /export/sda2 xfs defaults 0 0"  >> /etc/fstab

repeat for every other node.

Create the cluster and a GlusterFS volume, in this example we will be assuming a two CYOne node cluster installation, where node01 and node02 are the hostnames of the two nodes. Also ip addresses can be used instead of hostnames

from the first cluster node probe the second

gluster peer probe node02

create the volume

gluster volume create testvol rep 2 transport tcp node01:/export/sda2/brick node02:/export/sda2/brick

mount and test the created GlusterFS volume from a client

mkdir /mnt/gluster; mount -t glusterfs node01:/testvol; cp -r /var/log /mnt/gluster

Customize your setup according to

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