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Mars 200 micro server is coming with u-boot, kernel, and root file system preloaded in internal EMMC partitions.
If you ever need to update it, you will need to let it boot from TFTP server first.
And you will need a TFTP server holding the files you want to update.

Accessing the Console

Connect the special serial cable to Mars 200 micro server, set up a terminal 19200,8,n,1.
If you use Mars 200 server cluster, and don't have the special serial cable, you can also access the console from the BMC SSH connection.
Please refer to the User manual to know how to access console of the micro server and how to reset the micro server from internal BMC controller.

Boot from TFTP Server

Get the TFTP boot image

wget -O initramfs.img
wget -O uImage

TFTP boot up the micro server

Power up the micro server, and then interrupt the booting process by pressing a key to stop it on u-boot prompt.
Set up the board IP address and the TFTP server address.
(Note: IP address listed below is just for example, you should update it based on your local network configuration.)

setenv ipaddr
setenv serverip

Set up the u-boot parameters and do TFTP boot

set bootargs "rw root=/dev/ram0 console=ttyS0,115200 init=sbin/init";
tftp 2000000 uImage;
tftp 2500000 initramfs.img;
bootm 2000000 2500000;

Boot into TFTP boot Linux and login it. (default user name: root, without password)

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